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Gardening, in this day of microchips, take-anywhere telephones and sneakers with six-inch heels, still remains one of the most popular pastimes.

Gardening is not a luxury available to only the very wealthy, young, or even the most athletic, and is certainly not limited to those with an acre of land out the back.

Indeed, the tiniest terrace on the top of a highrise apartment building can be transformed into a delightful garden, with just a little imagination, and of course the right products.

We have been supplying our valued customers with our bagged mushroom compost for several years and have recently introduced a second product, our fabulous potting mix.

We at Parkvale Compost Company Limited recognise that the essential ingredients of any successful garden are a reputable mulch; and a proven potting mix for your outdoor tubs and indoor plants.

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Mushroom Compost

The bagged Mushroom Compost is easily recognizable as it comes in big blue bags with a brightly coloured sun on the front. Each of our large blue bags contains top quality, conditioned, mushroom compost, made available to us by Parkvale Mushrooms Limited, famous in New Zealand for its wonderful Gourmet Brown Mushrooms. The mushroom compost is mulched before it is bagged, and is ideal as a weed repellent and moisture retainer. It also provides humus and is a valuable food source. All things imperative to promote a healthy growing environment. The compost contains many of the trace elements required to obtain such a desired state. These are listed on the bags, along with all relevant instruction as a guide to achieve the best results.

Because it requires no digging in, the compost is also an excellent time and energy saver the worms love it, so let them do the work.

Each bag is of manageable size, weighing approximately 20 kg.

Potting Mix

The second product we have available is our bagged Potting Mix. It comes in two sizes, a 15 litre bag and a 35 litre bag.

These bags are also easily recognizable as they are bright green, also with our sun emblem on the front of each bag.

The potting mix is mushroom compost based, thereby containing all the necessary nutrients to provide an excellent home for your potted plants – indoor or out.

Our wonderful products are available at competitive prices to those from the lower half of the North Island.

We welcome enquiries anytime from garden centres, home owners, Scout, Girl Guide or any other organizations.

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